hello. i'm crystal.

I write essays & articles. I photograph humans & rocks. I curate crystals. I trade crypto. I create NFTs. I'm a yogi.

I used to shoot for newspapers & big brands, build websites, write & produce TV commercials, run blockchain marketing departments, mix cocktails & tune skis for a living. I'm now shifting gears & exploring the possibilities.

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i'm crystal. nice to meet you.

I stand for beauty & peace. In everything I do. I translate the human condition into powerful art. I explore the intersections of humanity & technology.

I'm an award-winning documentary photographer who worked as a commercial photographer, producer and photojournalist from 1998- 2016. In 2009, I added web production to my tool kit. I worked on strategic branding and communications for small businesses and Fortune 500s and served as CMO for a small, boutique blockchain dev shop. Past clients include Whole Foods Market, Nissan North America, Special Olympics, World Bank and Pizza Hut (don't ask).

I am currently returning to school to finish my degrees and elevate my soul. I offer very limited consulting services right now. Please click the coffee cup to see my latest offerings. For larger tech or production projects, please email me.

Writing Samples

My professional writing career began in 1996 with my first staff photographer job at a regional newspaper in Southwest Virginia. I've continued writing in both a professional and personal capacity until the present day. Here are a few recent writing samples:

In 2014, I launched my digital marketing company and began publishing for clients in the context of their websites, both webpage copy and long-form content for organic search. I created and published over 45 websites, multiple funnel conversion campaigns, and paid and organic social media content production and community management.