Naigating a World of Chaos

Chaos of conflict. Of struggle. Of navigating as a human through an ever increasing world that is placing technology between humans.

A paradox-- the thing that is connecting us in ways we could never imagine is also separating us in ways we never anticipated.

We’re placing devices between us. Documenting moments instead of fully living them-- being fully present in them. We save them for later, put them in our hero timelines, place them on the ego's stage instead of just being present in the moment itself.

Selfies. Selfie sticks. Likes. Timelines. Hero moments-- ego moments.

We’re stuck in this perpetual cycle of ego gratification in everything we do. We're addicted to the dopamine of social endorsement of our ego moments. Rather than just seeing the beauty of where we are in this moment and sharing it with just ourselves and the universe.

What happened to just seeing, absorbing, appreciating and giving gratitude-- and then letting the moment go?

Let the moment exist only in our memory-- let the vision sweeten over time. With no visual documentation of it on a portable device from our pocket. Just let the moment be.

We’re going to find one day that the internet age-- the information age-- has unleashed an ego affect that cannot be easily tamed. We're re-wiring our brain synapses-- we're redefining terms like "friends" and "like". We're placing devices before people-- hero moments before engagement.

Can we simply stop?

Can we put our phones in our homes and leave them there? Can we step away from the social endorsement machines, unplug our tablets, leave our phones in our pockets and just be present?

Is that even possible anymore? And if not, where does that leave us in this world of chaos? Or does the chaos just overwhelm us at some point?

Do we just wake up one day and say fuck it-- we screwed this up and we're just going to have to deal with the demon we've created?

And the demon is in us-- it lives in our ego and our need to share and alter our memories so the world only sees the good-- but not the real. It only sees the sugar and not the sour?

What type of society does that create? One filled with chaos where decisions are made based on how they support our online identity?

Or one filled with skewed documentation of a life-- presenting to the world what we want them to believe-- not what is actually happening?

Where does this leave us?