What Are The Quiet Shadows?

We know they exist, but we're scared to look too closely.

The Quiet Shadows

Beneath the surface of our everyday existance lives a shadow. Shadows are everywhere, they balance the light.

Without shadows-- we’d have no depth. Our landscapes would stay flat. Lifeless.

Devoid of the emotion and mystery making life dynamic. Yet, we often fear the shadows for good reasons. Childhood fables of monsters and villains use the shadows as a place to hide. To lurk. To wait for their prey.

I think we need to step into those shadows more often and understand what happens outside of the light. In any aspect of modern society, there is light and dark.

Yin and Yang. Good and Evil. Black and White.

But there’s also an entire spectrum of grey that dwells in those shadows of our society that we ignore-- out of fear, ignorance or ineptitude. If we do not look at our shadows, we are vulnerable to what lurks in the dark. Even if the fear is only perceived-- we will remain clueless to the threats and the underbelly of our world.

And here’s what happens when we ignore threats and vulnerabilities- we surrender our power. How many times have you read an article or watched a news article about a cyber-attack or an identity theft and felt completely helpless?

Helpless from a lack of understanding of how the world works now. I see it everyday in my business and in casual conversations with everyday people. The fear of the unknown assailant- be it a hacker, the NSA, a murderer or an identity thief- and the utter helplessness to protect oneself.

We shouldn’t live in perpetual fear as we merge our lives with technology. And we shouldn’t give our power to some script-kiddie in a dank bedroom buying your credit card numbers on the dark web for $100 bucks.

Yea, we’re going to go there. We’re going to talk about it all-- the dark shadows of humanity that we fear in our neighborhoods and the dark assailants hiding behind computer screens half a world away. My goal is to cast a little light on our shadows and make them less daunting. For our landscapes would be barren without them. We must co-exist with the dark and we must not relinquish our power to that darkness.

So that’s our conversation here. Without boundaries or filters.

I’ll explore the shadows and expose the underbelly. And I hope it will empower you with a little understanding and awareness.