Check Your Privilege


What happens when we take a step back and rethink everything?

Our political systems. Our social systems. Our monetary systems. Our beliefs. Our work.

All the things.

Where do we land? How often do we do this? When was the last time you took a step back and reevaluated how you travel through this world?

Who you do your banking with and why? Why you use the type of currency you do and the value of that fiat dollar? How secure your computer and phone may or may not be? How your social media posts are being tracked, monitored and cataloged?

The tiny little privacy nuggets we give away as we engage with the modern tech that powers our world-- that one day morphs into a giant beast of our entire lives-- available for the highest advertising bidder or the most malicious despot in the highest office of the land.

The food you consume and where it comes from. The plastic that powers your life and where it ends up when you’re done with it.

The children who assembled the latest designer brand you’re wearing or the tiny hands that stitched your child’s latest stuffed fido.

I ask this because I used to question these things often. I made conscious decisions based on the knowledge that had acquired of how the world works-- how it truly works. I used to take the time to follow how capitalism really works, who gets the short end of the deal and why.

But I got soft. About 7 years ago, I decided to participate more in “normal” western society. The boyfriend who was consuming mad amounts of all the things told me I was paranoid. I was a downer. My minimalism was poverty in disguise. That knowing the products he was consuming were harmful to the planet was a bad thing. So, I stopped speaking out. I self-censored. I stopped paying close attention.

Then, I decided to go all in on entrepreneurship. Running a marketing agency that was an operation of one-- me-- and trying to struggle through the ups and downs of business ownership. I got soft. I didn’t have time to really follow foreign affairs anymore. Didn’t have an afternoon free to read Mother Jones and follow an investigative piece about the environmental impacts of Big Ag or the political manipulation of Big Pharma.

I got soft. I paid partial attention. I had to make a living. It’s not a good excuse, but there it is.

And each time we lost more of our civil liberties, I retreated farther into my world and stopped looking so hard into our world. Citizens United. The Patriot Act. The Tea Party. On and on it goes.

Then, Trump happened. I watched closely on the twitter as that shitshow unfolded and woke up that fateful morning in November with a sense of urgency.

Urgent to retreat. Urgent to be part of the 1% out of sheer self-preservation. Urgent to put my head down and get to 2020-- and hope the country still existed when I arrived.

Well, 12 months later and I don’t think I can wait. I don’t think any of us can wait. I don’t think this society as we know it will be around in 4 years if we don’t take our country back from unfettered corporate capitalism, oligarchy and unchecked authoritarianism.

Alarmist? No. Realistic? Maybe. It’s time to wake up and participate again. It’s time to pay attention to the system and fight back when possible-- simply survive when it’s not.

I can’t promise anything with this website but a little truth and transparency. Possibly some humor. Definitely some self-preservation knowledge.

My work currently lies at the intersection of humanity and technology. Translating the human condition into powerful art to help us shift our preconceived notions of reality. That’s what I promise-- that’s all I can promise. In this context, that art will be words. In other contexts, the art will be images.

This is it. This is where we as a society stand. On the precipice of something powerful and messy. Downright ugly and terrifying. I have hope that on the other side of that chasm lies something beautifully different that only a catalyst will reveal.

Something beyond capitalism, something that empowers people to control their own lives, removes the middle man that holds all the power and enables people to live simple lives under their own accord.

Idealistic, I know. But I think it exists. And I’d like to think the ones who are paying attention can take actions to make it happen.

That’s the hope I hold. Let’s see how that goes.