Check Your Privilege

I’m sitting at the coffeeshop, listening to Yankees bitch about their fences on their $300K homes and saying that it’s “the biggest disaster on the planet” and all I want to do is punch them.

Umm, no. The biggest disaster on the planet might be the refugee crisis in Europe, or Venezuela collapsing or the people being beheaded on a daily basis in ISIS territory. That’s a tragedy of colossal proportions-- not your fucking fence in your backyard and the HOA of your $300K home. That’s nothing-- that’s just your privilege stepping on the toes of practicality.

I’m hanging out in the neighborhood where first world problems consume people who are retired (or married well) with money and nothing better to do with their time than bitch. I understand the trials of the beautiful people go along with this spot, but the coffeeshop is lovely and my yoga studio is here (for obvious reasons).

And, outside of this manufactured community of the beautiful people is an entire area that runs the full gamut of the human experience-- from luxury golf courses owned by the mafia to human trafficking hubs masquerading as strip clubs.

Sky-high death rates from heroin overdoses, massive land-grabs by Chinese mafia syndicates, big box beach stores posing as fronts for Russian crime syndicates, human trafficking lying beneath the surface of strip clubs and in the corners of the seedy hotels that litter the area. All problems of this crazy location.

It has an underbelly. A dark and twisty one.

And smack dab in the middle of it is this community of the beautiful people, where neighbors gather to bitch about their fences, drywall and general contractors. And claim that their new porch addition is the biggest tragedy on the planet.

Call me crazy, but you need to check your privilege at the door, my friend. I can show you any number of human tragedies within a 5 miles radius of here that will blow your fucking mind wide open.

So please, before you make statements like that, pause. Realize how lucky you are to live this way and remember the millions of people out there who may not have a meal tonight, may wake up underneath the thumb of a John who sees their life as an ATM, may be fleeing a community they love because someone is killing their children and threatening to destroy everything they hold dear.

Please, check your priveldge and remember the rest of the world-- just for a moment. And be grateful.